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We accept infants beginning at 3 months old. We have a large space dedicated exclusively for infants where we focus on activities that help develop their sensory abilities, such as finger painting, exploring textures and shapes, singing/clapping as well as indoor/outdoor observation and play.


Bright Beginners accepts toddlers from 18 months old to 2.9 years old. Our large classroom is where toddlers participate in various activities aimed at enhancing their growth and development.


Our preschoolers are children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. Our mission is to prepare each child to enter kindergarten. They participate in daily activities revolving around Art, Music, Science, Math, Language, Reading, Writing and Social Studies as described below.



We have an art program for all ages and stages of development. Our goal is to exercise the imagination of all children using various forms of visual expression.


In the classroom, children play with musical instruments provided, encouraging outward expression through song.


At Bright Beginners Daycare, we promote physical activity through dance and indoor/outdoor play, which directly stimulates cognitive and physical development.


Our focus is to support each child's ability to express and understand feelings. Our curriculum is designed to motivate every child to learn, solve problems, and develop and maintain positive relationships. Our preschoolers graduate with the language skills necessary for Kindergarten.


Children become deeply engaged during indoor playtime. Each child has the opportunity to study patterns, shapes, basic geometry, and numbers. They learn to classify, explore, investigate, and absorb spatial relation concepts.

Outside Play

Playing outdoors improves motor skills, strength, body mass index, and overall health. Children who are active in their early years are more likely to be active adults. Playing outside, especially in unstructured activities, helps kids balance their physical abilities and emotions.

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