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We're taking extra measures to ensure your children are safe. Bright Beginners Daycare is committed to offering quality care for your child while you are working. Safety measures below.

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Our Mission is to offer a safe and healthy environment where each child can feel special and grow physically, socially, cognitively, and emotionally. We strive to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 in accordance with the EEC guidelines. We employ safe sleep practices to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. We have general protocols in place specifically for the safety of all children when transporting them from our facility to nearby locations (weather permitting), i.e. the local middle school field (this includes protecting children from hazards, bodies of water, and traffic). We have immediate response protocols in case of emergencies caused by allergies or injuries. Bright Beginners Daycare also works with parents to administer the proper dosage of medication when needed. We pledge to prioritize each child’s development, physical/mental activities, and nutrition. If you have any questions regarding our safety measures, please contact us.

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